Heroes of Atlantis


Heroes of Atlantis (Heroes of Atlantis) - is a full-fledged RPG (MMORPG) for mobile phones. The action takes place in a world split in Atlantis after mysterious circumstances. Two parts of the once united nation fighting a bloody war. Everyone believe to be the only true nation Teeda.
You have the right to join one of the factions: Tectons or Atlanta, thereby deciding how to conduct on Teeda. If you captured the entire world, the relevant knowledge of the ancient mysteries or to reflect the closing of ranks madness that came from outside. All in the palm of your hand.

- Online games. A unique opportunity to play with friends investigate a mysterious dungeon looking for a powerful artifact or fight each other to explore whose fighting skills stronger.
- A unique combat system. Your character will hit ordinary strikes automatically, allowing you to focus on yourself and the world of magic skills to create their own combinations vast murderous attack enemies. Use all available tricks of war - an enchanted weapon, perfect skills and areas of magic.
- Unique spells. Use the sphere of magic, where conventional weapons are no longer useful. Shoot down a storm on the heads of your enemies, to heal their allies with a powerful magic sphere. Improve your skills in dealing with the magic sphere to become a skilled craftsman.
- Unique modes of combat. Tired of the monotonous fights. Try the "Siege" and "Hunting" mode, in which you have to fight for the land border or trying to survive waves of crazy monsters.
- A large number of items and artifacts. More than 300 inventory items.
- Many different quests that reveal the secret of what happened in Teeda the world and talk about the events that took place prior to the split of a single nation.
- Active trading. Put looted items for the auction. Free to trade with other players, set prices for your goods!
- Friendship. Gather your friends and support them. With the help of a gift, you can temporarily strengthen your friends.

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