OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk


OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk - all the favorite OREO cookie now also as an application, a refreshing glass of milk. These cookies should be used in such a way to twist, lick and dunk in milk. The same steps have to be repeated in the game. We were given one minute, for which we need to get as many points. Stringing combos, throw baking in a glass of milk you need as quickly as possible, because very little time. For the received coins you can buy different recipes that will help in the future to gain a greater number of points, but not only. Buying prescription, but rather the very cookies we get a little bit of its history. Thanks to the online table of records and service facebook we can compare to your friends and brag about records.

Despite only one location, and dozens of cookies, it's not that simple. Done very well, even on tablets with HD display and better, overcame almost perfect. Animation, and everything else is good enough, but as for a simple casual game so all is fine.
Playing a few more mauled in the day and for a few months, it helps to ease her.

What's new:
New in Latest Version:
- Improved performance!
- French Translations
- Occasional crash in boosts screen fixed.
New in recent versions
- Five new Power-ups add cool effects and big scores to the game
- The Mini OREO is here! Get waves up to 10 Mini OREO cookies!
- New cookies! Golden OREO, Heads or Tails OREO, Spring cookies and more ....
- Galaxy S3 support
- New Football OREO cookie


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