Telekinesis Kyle


In Telekinesis Kyle puzzle you have to play the role of a bumbling guy in glasses who is no stranger to telekinesis. Solve puzzles and work your way out of anything available will have the ability to help move things in the distance. Such an unusual idea is associated with a fun story and high-quality graphics, so all fans of "podnapryach Smart" definitely enjoy this game.
The storyline will tell you about the adventures of a gifted child named Kyle (Kyle), who after discovering the ability of telekinesis was sent to a special "school" for these children. As it turned out, after all this hype is hiding experimental laboratory of the military, where, under the guise of secret experiments are conducted. Of course, after the discovery of the trap to the protagonist with his "magic" to get away from this place - and here he will need your help.
Levels are three-dimensional location of a side view, in all of them you need to reach the exit, passing paving the way out of scrap objects. Boxes, pipes and other items are ideal for creating stairs or just give way. Also, in some missions with the gears or any tools you will need to repair the specific mechanisms such as automatic doors or lifts. It is worth remembering that not all objects are subject to telekinesis, so often have to prodelyvat anything manually.
To begin each map should be examined carefully - it provides swipe across the screen with two fingers or a simple scaling of the review. The hero can only move left and right, it automatically jumps only in cases in which the code is actually possible. It is impossible not to note the limit on the use of the talents - Kyle is still very young, so many objects at the same time he will not be able to keep. Located at the bottom of the screen scale usher you about the depletion forces.
Puzzle Telekinesis Kyle different quality three-dimensional picture with lots of colorful animation effects. Supplemented visualization funny comics that reveal the storyline. You can only find fault with the absence of a variety of musical accompaniment, but this defect in this unusual platformer can not be called critical, especially given the presence in the Market just a few similar projects.
Distributed puzzle for free, but after passing the seventh level of generosity developers coming to an end - the acquisition of the remaining 20 missions will cost you almost two dollars. In any case, Telekinesis Kyle - an excellent game that will interest many users, a fairly high rating on Google Play is the best confirms this fact. So if you ever dreamed to manage objects in the distance - in this virtual world you will have many chances to learn this ability. Need for this device only on Android 2.2 and about 120 MB of disk space.

- Play for free before you buy! Play the first 7 levels to see how well you care for Kyle to use his telekinetic powers!
- Beautiful, console-quality puzzle platformer with a new type of game mechanics of the game that uses your mind!
- Experience by completing the puzzle, but do it quickly, and you'll get more achievements Game Center!
- 27 unique levels in a video game and story line throughout.
Help Kyle escape the prison and maybe even save the world!


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