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Angry Heroes Online: Evil Heroes Online - get ready for tons of sparkling humor, easy-going situations and comic skits with the most famous MMORPG cliches. You will enjoy the fascinating world of fantasy, evil bosses and awkward, exciting quests, mini-games and thousands of other online players ready to challenge you or take your.

Angry Heroes is a mobile multi-platform MMORPG, with a very simple gameplay. The game is set in a fantasy world with humor parodies existing now the most famous MMORPG titles. The player is invited to choose a character he will "pump" in a fantasy world, completing quests, discovering new opportunities and fighting with other users.

With each subsequent renewal game Angry Heroes get interesting, bewitching beautiful graphics, the game world is constantly growing, fascinating story and emotion that gives the time spent in it.

In the first minutes of the player becomes part of a crazy fascinating world of Angry Heroes, bright and rich adventure, in which constantly gets hero, so keep going on without control undesirable. Hero - a key part of the game. Each member has its own hero, whom they seek to improve, to be stronger and to achieve greater success. When creating a character user to choose the sex of your character (male or female) and race (human, elf, or orc). The character of each player has the features and the core of the problems in the course of the game is "pumping" - improving these characteristics, in order to fight more powerful enemies and zombies.

In the game there are two domestic currencies:
- Gold (Gold) - this is the currency in the running game. For her, the user will be pumped character, it will be spent to buy the basic things, it will get into fights with the enemy, etc.
- Shrooms (Mushrooms) - a special local currency. Its user can earn only by hard work or get into a fight (after reaching a certain level). For her, the user will be able to buy special items and extremely valuable virtual goods.

The game consists of a number of locations, where there are all sorts of gaming activities.

The village (the village) looks like a small courtyard of the village, which is also the main game menu.

The village consists of the following elements, which are the hotspots to the corresponding menu: Hero, Merchant, Mansion, Tavern, Arena, Guard, Shroom cave, Shroom dealer, Market, Fair.

Hero - a menu that will allow the player to pick a character, as well as change clothes if necessary.

Merchant - trader, in which the player can buy for your character weapons, armor, potions, amulets. In addition, the player may sell some of its merchant items at low prices.

Menu The Mansion is a large mansion in the center of which a tower or castle surrounded by a moat and walls. Of course - this is when a player has a sufficiently "pumped" his castle. A user starts with a broken shack, which he should be restored and enhanced.

Arena - is a menu where the player can find a rival and fight him. The main purpose of the battles in the arena is to earn gold. The winner gets the gold loser.

"The big helper 'for the player and the menu will guard (guard), which allows the user to earn gold and experience for a certain time, and so valuable" mushrooms "can get in the mushroom cave (Shroom cave).

Tavern - the place where the user gets the quests for your character, as well, can play in a game of chance on mushrooms.

Shroom dealer - an important game menu, which will allow:

- Mushrooms exchange for gold
- To change the name, sex or race of the character;
- Invite a friend to earn mushrooms

Market - an online store where players can buy and sell ingredients for Alchemy.

Alchemy - mini-game in the match-3 genre, in which the user can get a few mushrooms. Alchemy is designed to give users an alternative way to produce mushrooms. To start the game, the user must be in the presence of alchemical essence. Its a player gets, combining 4 ingredients together. Ingredients user can get in quests, and beat in a battle with zombies.

Fair (Fair) - a menu that will allow players to try their hand at the two gambling mini-games, while the character is not available in all sorts of gaming Activiti.

It is important to emphasize that every day offers an opportunity for players to participate in a battle with an evil and dangerous Dragon. However, the wily adversary can arrive at any time. A successful battle with him will enable grab a big winner in the form of a huge amount of gold and mushrooms.

In general, in order to make the situation did not catch you by surprise, always be on the alert! Pump over time your hero and build his estate of evil. Better for him to become stronger. Build a treasure that will protect your gold while you are not home. Plant a landscape around the estate to be able to escape the attack. Route the street from his castle to make it easier to find worthy opponents. To vent their anger on others: fight with other heroes online in Battle Arena. Embark on a quest, a mining magical items and get the gold and experience for defeating bosses. Show Disco Skeletons that Heavy Metal is alive and teach Biker-Unicorn sense of style, send Bin Golem back to the dump, where it belongs, make a HUGE Barbara cry like a little girl, send Vile Mole Rats in the knockout defeat or dozens of other, more dangerous bosses .

Pluses of the game:
- Free online game in the genre of a fantasy MMORPG, with a charming comic-style graphics and visual effects.
- The unique game system that allows thousands of players to fight each other online.
- Innovative in-game economy, balancing the strengths and weaknesses of players in a single game world.
- More than 400 types of items which by means of a complex algorithm generates millions of unique.
- Hundreds of different quests generated by a special algorithm game.
- Dozens of bosses.
- Regular updates the game to new functionality.

- For leveling will take time.
- It is desirable to be present more often in the game to defend your character from attacks by other players.

NOTE: To play the game you will need to download an additional ~ 30MB of data, depending on your device.

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