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Crossword puzzles - a fun and educational process, but also outdated paper crosswords, as are the print media. Time to move to virtual crossword puzzles and a new game «PixWords - Crossword puzzles with pictures" will be a great help in this.
In addition, the game PixWords provides players the opportunity to not only solve complex and interesting puzzles, but also easy to add to your vocabulary, making up some of the letters of the word.

What exactly has PixWords players? First of all - the set of available languages. A total of 19: Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, and a few others. Choice is actually quite broad and can hardly find a similar application with such a broad language support.
The next great feature PixWords - the ability to play simultaneously in several languages, because each of them is detached passage. That is, after playing in one language and stuck on some compound word, take a break and play a bit in a different language, then to return to the previous.
Passage of each language is divided into levels. Level contains a few words that should be placed in the crossword grid. The thing is that there is no test tasks. Instead, when you click on the empty cells of a particular word players are invited to an image and represents the word. At the bottom of the screen at this point shows a set of characters from which to make the right word.
Image-setting can be increased to better consider them. A collection of letters, in turn, even though they are located alternately, a few facilitates the words than if we had been just before the alphabet.
After filling in all the words in the grid, you complete the level and move on to the next, even more complex. If you ever get stuck, you will come to the aid of one of the three possible clues. You can open the first letter of the word, a casual or remove unnecessary characters from the set at the bottom of the screen.
At the tips needed coins. Initially they were given one hundred pieces, and you can quickly make up for the supply of real money, or slowly but for right answers and passing levels. Therefore, if you do not want to pay, then spend the tips must be very careful.
While some images are not as clear that seriously hampers search for the true answer, it is still a worthy replacement text assignment. Complexity of the task is balanced for any language and goes on increasing. It should be borne in mind that only some nouns is not all: there are also adjectives and verbs, but for a successful game in PixWords really need to be familiar with one or the other language.
As for the game's interface, there is a full order. All items on the screen are large enough to be easily visible and comfortable during the game.
Can be summed up. PixWords - Crossword puzzles with pictures - a very unusual game that supports obscenely large number of languages. More surprising was to find a lot of levels for each language and the ability to simultaneously run several different languages. In other words, PixWords perfect to anyone who wants to test their vocabulary and plain porazgadyvat crossword puzzles with pictures.

Advantages of the game:
- 19 languages ​​available
- The possibility of a parallel passage in multiple languages
- Convenient and practical interface
Can not arrange:
- High complexity

- Free game
- Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
- Simple rules
- More than 350 levels
- Hundreds of words and pictures
- Choice of 19 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, etc.
- An awesome way to improve your vocabulary!

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    Nevíte náhodou???

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    To nejde stáhnout :-)

  • Posted by: Przemo (guest), 2014-10-15 08:41:40
    Zapraszam do wypróbowania nowej aplikacji krzyżówkowej dla Androida - MEGA Krzyżówki - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pw.megacrosswords

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    to je nejlepší hre

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    mám na mobilu! 

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    prosim vás dá se hra hrát i na pc

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    na to bych se taky chtela zeptat

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    da se to hrat

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    Хайде направете я и за комп бре така ще може всички да ги играят от каквото и да е и да е на Български. ;)

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