Zombie Mincer


Zombie Mincer - that this time was the reason zombiapokalipsisa the authors decided not to specify, and why, after all sorts of options end of the world have met in movies, books itp Let everyone think up myself.
The position of the protagonist is not the best. Caught in a hole-infested corpses, whether abandoned or freeway outskirts in the center of the metropolis, at you from all sides will swoop crowd waves of infected creatures, eager to destroy everything in its path. But there is good news - the authors have taken care of and provided a powerful Gatling gun (minigun), 20mm caliber, producing more than 3,000 rounds a minute. So miss you guys just do not have!
Your one goal - to survive as long as possible, as much as possible to gut the undead. It will be hot, very hot. We'll have to work hard to survive, and, perhaps, to save humanity!
And yet, can you survive the protagonist - the big question. Honestly, the developers themselves do not know the answer to this question ...
The game is a classic control with a virtual joystick and a button to fire.
There is also a button delay time, so that in difficult times the game to deal with a bunch of angry crowds of zombies.
Making can be called a strong point of the game. Despite the fact that some locations, they worked out a very high quality, well-made firing effects, reflections and shadows of the shots are quite realistic, and the zombies are varied and well-animated. The bullets did not hit the target, will be carving beautiful spark, and got beat out fountains of blood.
All the signs of the apocalypse happened to the face with no lighting, burning cars, people on the streets is not found, and military equipment abandoned.
Well, are you ready to find yourself in the place of our hero and to yourself to experience all this horror, lost in a world enveloped in darkness?

- Excellent 3D graphics
- Easy to use
- Addictive gameplay
- A small number of locations (of two)
- The inability to change weapons


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