Guns'n'Glory (Guns and Victory) - a game made ​​based on the stories about the Wild West and the gold rush in the United States which has received widespread in the middle of the XIX century.
So you are the main thug who wants to stop the mass migration of European people in their native space, as well as pick mined gold. To do this, hire a team in a variety of thugs that will work for you attacking caravans of Europeans, it is necessary to destroy caravans and not give them the slip, otherwise you will have to deal with the justice system and the evil sheriff.
For each killed unit you get a reward which is not as trite again spend acquiring new robbers.
Gameplay games careful attention to detail, very high quality detailed graphics and a convenient control can only be happy. Besides all thought out various awards in the form of bonuses on the battlefield (extra strength, speed, money, etc.). And being able to pump your unit improves its performance.
If you have any questions about the game then this will help you "Help" in which all graphically and vividly illustrates how to play, control your character and which character is more effective against certain types of units.

- A strategy game in the style of «Tower Defense» with mobile units
- Scenario, which is set in the Wild West
- Ability to improve the bandits (level 3)
- Revolvers, flaming arrows, dynamite and guns
- 15 types of enemies and units
- Automatic balance for weary or brave jump shooters
- The "Noon" for record results
- 60 levels of saturated lead
- Bonus chests for the device caches of gold bullion and bonuses

* Xperia PLAY optimized *


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