Totem Runner


Totem Runner great game combines the original idea of Rahner, where you will play the role of one of the powerful druids and run through the jungle using their super opportunity. Darkness falls over the forest, and your task is to return the old paint native jungle, you are the only one who can fight it and you've got the magical power of the forest and the animals that will turn into a bird, a rhinoceros or a dragon.
The world is about to collapse under the pressure of the dark forces, fade nature, but there will always be a brave warrior, which by virtue of almost single-handedly turn everything upside down - easy and simple story Totem Runner needs no comment. In the role of savior perform a shaman with mystical powers of transformation in wild animals, their appearance, he carries the hope of the world and nature, specifically, on its side.
According to the type of gameplay the game is a simple two-dimensional runner who can surprise you more than the original and unusual visual style. Totem Runner do with the soul, and it is felt in every level, in every detail, in every step of your character - a simple run can restore life to the dying and the soil to awaken from the dream of dead trees. From the first level of visual technique sprawling vegetation underfoot simply enchant you.
In this adventure on your way to meet the huge gulf impassable thorns dangerous enemies, and many other difficulties, which at all costs must be overcome. While most similar games to overcome obstacles to make jumps and tackles, it is all much more interesting - the mystical hero abilities allow him to suddenly transform into a majestic eagle or a mighty boar. With these skills can not only pass the dangerous areas, but simply to fight their way forward.
Eagle will not save you from collisions, bumps and shots, but with it you will be able to collect in the air a variety of bonuses and extra points. Boar is able to remove most of the way with obstacles and enemies, the main thing - to be on time to take the required shape. The transformation takes place almost instantaneously, so it will depend on your response. For the most impassable situations and areas with lots of enemies and you can use a third form, which allows to become invincible dragon. The ability of this time, but the most effective of all.
Most of the gameplay will be focused between the two transformations: a boar and an eagle, you can manage with only the second case. According to the tradition of the genre run automatically, so you just need the right moment to use any abilities and choose the direction of flight.
The unique style of the highlights is the creation of Chillingo compared to most modern counterparts, and even given the relatively small set of features, such runner can advise any gamer. Distributed Totem Runner for free, but after passing the training and the first four levels further game will be available only after purchasing premium editions.

- Colorful graphics
- Simple gameplay


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