Lich Defense


Lich Defense - a fascinating toy genre tower for android. In the gameplay of classic TD adds the ability to swing your character, RPG elements and other interesting items. Reflect attack and defend master, setting the battle towers, over a large number of levels. Graphic is great, lots of different warriors attacking and defensive towers, made in high-quality animation!

Background: The world fentezi fallen on hard times - has risen from the depths of hell lord of evil, to exterminate the human race! But the benefit was a prophet who warned of the coming and people began to hunt vermin, but the evil is not acquired enough strength. But you have to play the right hand is the lord of darkness, your task to keep him as long as he is at full power!

You have to protect the ruler with the towers in the game whom there are about 20 species. They have to build along the road or in other places where they will have the opportunity to attack the enemy troops. Towers themselves will be gradually upgraded by adding them new opportunities.
It must be said that the government forces of evil, though not strong, but not helpless. Enemies get too close, he can shoot, but still his main weapon is the most powerful spells that you can buy on the funds earned during the level.
With such a gameplay Lich Defense could be a real hit, but pumped up graphic design, well executed only models of various creatures and towers.


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