Defense zone 2 HD


Defense zone 2 HD - Continued Defense zone, the popular genre of Tower Defense. Interesting new levels become even more beautiful and effective. Added new weapons, new enemies, and even more tactics and action.
Supports four languages: English, Russian, German and French.
Setting up the balance of the game for players with different objectives. If you want to test your skills in strategy, play the game on hard difficulty. If you just want to have fun, choose a light or medium level of difficulty.
A wide variety of weapons and landscapes gives great freedom in the choice of combat tactics. Choosing the right type tools, and its location - the key to a successful defense. The use of air strikes and a temporary increase in power tools is advantageous, and will not get bored during the battle.
In the Lite version is available only 3 levels.
In the full version of the game is available 26 levels.
Support Heyzap allows you to send the results of passing each level into a single database. You will be able to compare their level of self-mastery and boast the best results.
This is not advertising, Heyzap can be disabled in the options of the main menu.
If you have any problems with the game, please mail me, leave comments, no sense
to respond to the comments I still can not.


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