Snabbit - Snake reinvented


Snabbit - Snake reinvented - an unusual snake with a great soundtrack, a new take on the classic game "Snake"! Manage Snebbitom, devourer of stars, creeping through the asteroid belt, hunting for treasure space!
Snebbit - very addictive and simple arcade game. Try it!
The full version will be released soon with an increased number of levels, including an endless survival mode!

Control of the game is very simple. Touch the left side, to turn left, and vice versa. It is recommended to keep your device as a gamepad and play with both fingers.
If you use the keyboard, you can use the keys A, S, D, F to rotate to the left, and H, J, K or L to turn to the right. Some people prefer this method instead of the touch controls.

TRY 24 CHIC LEVEL (90 in total)
Manage Snebbitom in collections levels, each increasing complexity. Can you get all 3 stars?

Level editor
Create and share your own levels, right on your device. Editor, cross-platform, and you can share with your friends that have iPhone, and they will be able to share with you.


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