Into the Dead


You've managed to survive in the world, captured by the undead ... for how long?
Into the Dead immerses players in a world of creepy zombie apocalypse, where the error is death. Do your best to survive, to move as quickly as possible and protected by all means. When the dead rise from their graves, better run!

Into the Dead - fall into the deadly clutches of the zombie world! What are the main advantages - it's a quick run, gun and care. Run, dodging attacks zombikov, fire back to these creatures at least become less! Follow the mission and play mini-games! Unlock all the possible ways and objects of defense and attack! Your task will be complicated by the variety of special effects such as fog and dark forests, etc. On the technical side - that is the typical runner in the first person. And yet - in the beginning you will be able to choose the kind of bonus for the upcoming location, such as increasing the amount of ammunition or not quick Start with 0km, and with 1.5 km.

The new apocalypse has come, all the people who were on the earth's surface turned into a zombie, but our hero was flying at the time the helicopter. As a result, the pilot was staring too hard, or even scared and lost control. The collapse was inevitable, but what's next? Run, run and run - so thought a hero. It is a shooter? No, a new version of Rahner with obstacles in the form of "walking dead". We tried to run out of the environment at all costs. Do not forget about the weapon, but it is there. When attacking enemies, it's time to release a couple of grams of steel in their direction.
The game seemed very atmospheric, almost ambient condition is transmitted to you through the screen. Do not miss a moment of the developer in the schedule, it is not something that would be nice, but a couple of effects when applied more than happy. Not available music tracks - the good reliability of the atmosphere, as represented by the sounds incredibly good.

- The game keeps the tension and gorgeous graphics and sound create the atmosphere of the apocalypse
- In order to survive, use an arsenal of powerful weapons and skills
- The game constantly throws up new quests and mini-goals
- Collect points and compete with friends and other players in the world rankings
- Constant updates add a new game modes, features and materials

What's new:
- Perk "Friend Dog" is now available! Invoke the aid of a faithful dog to go even further!
- A new perk "Exploding barrels" mode allows you to destroy a dozen massacres of zombies at a time!
- Compare your score with the results of friends - add your name to the table with friends via Facebook


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