Mini Dash


Mini Dash (Mini Dash) - is just a crazy arcade game of the category platform games, which may well claim to be the devourer of time. To be honest, we did not understand who in this game serves as the main character, but it does not matter. The important thing is that you have to help him get to the exit door, which eventually with his own guts and eat. Toy turned out so vibrant that by looking at the below video, you begin to doubt your abilities. However, the management of the game is made simple and convenient, that after a while you stop noticing how the main character is worn on the level and overcomes the infinite number of various obstacles.

An incredible number of LEVELS
3 enormous world, each of which comprises two completely different sets of levels (simple and complex)

Mini Dash - a kind of a love letter or a declaration of love to the departed 'golden age' of video games with a whole separate world levels, made in a retro style, but with the same cheerful and fresh gameplay, as in the rest of the game.

Collect them ALL
Collect mushrooms hidden in different places in each level and buy new characters, such as
Man Match, Super Star, Zombie Boy and others. Also with the help of fungi can buy super-ups, such as the slowing of time, and discover new worlds and bonus levels.

Since warm up the levels in the training world and ending levels for the passage of any of them you will be worthy to enter the list of best gamers on the planet, Mini Dash contains a bunch of missions, secrets and worlds to come back to which you will be back for more!

- Many levels in three different worlds
- Retro-themed version of the new gameplay
- Improvement of the hero with mushrooms
- The presence of additional levels


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