MotoHeroz - game from Ubisoft's is an excellent runner and a mixture of trial, in which you at breakneck speed will conquer just incredible slopes and summits. The game features great graphics, loads of all kinds of devices, vehicles and indeed a huge variety of partially destructible levels.
Games of this kind in the Market are pretty common, but boasts high-quality graphics are a few of them. Somewhere lacking in animation, somewhere bored monotonous levels - in MotoHeroz such shortcomings, and there can not be, the picture is above all praise.
This trial will provide you with a unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of vehicles is quite funny: there are all sorts of buggies, and cross-maps, and motorcycles, and even homemade cart. Most of them are united by only one feature - the presence of the large wheels, which act as shock absorbers.
The choice will be presented to more than a dozen neubivaemy vehicles, each of which can be pumped. Upgrade to MotoHeroz really deserves attention, as the complexity of the tracks just grows exponentially. In career mode you will be on a par with the move and the shadow of another rider, which will show option passing track to earn 2 stars. Honestly, at first in most levels, and a star - a good result too rigid framework. On some routes in excess of the time limit, and you can all go without reward, and hence the following locations will be closed.
Perseverance and training obey any peaks, so here after mastering all the intricacies come to success is still possible. The main thing - to explore each track and use wisely placed it on the device. Tracks themselves are a real roller coaster, which challenges any laws of physics. In addition to the collapse of stones and wooden structures destroyed, you can meet a variety of modifiers, including the spring, the accelerator and even jet engine (yes, we fly). All of them are available for a reason, on some of the tracks without such "super-powers" you just can not overcome the chasm, climb to the top of the rock, and so on.
The graphics in MotoHeroz is truly remarkable: detailing the locations, backgrounds, animation - all this will please the eye of any gamer. Will be able to ride in a sultry rocky desert, and on the steep snow-covered slopes, and even in the jungle, and the race can take place during the day and at dusk, which adds a special touch to a stylish visualization. In addition to a pleasant exterior design track will delight you with the presence of different options for passing and hidden from prying eyes the secret place for a 100-percent passing still have to search.
Control of the game is quite simple and convenient - the virtual buttons to tilt and move forward and backward. Their responsiveness and location do not cause any discomfort, all quite playable. In general, the overall optimization pleasantly pleased, with dozens of colorful tracks MotoHeroz, they say. For most speakers are not lacking is an appropriate soundtrack, but this defect is the overall impression is not critical.
To the list of virtues add another opportunity to play asynchronously with your friends and, of course, availability, because this applies jet trial for free. To try to overcome impassable obstacles and conquer all the peaks can be anyone.

- Great physics engine
- 30 challenging tracks
- Race against your friends in an asynchronous multiplayer mode
- Global Ranking table
- Upgrade your car
- Find all the hidden objects in order to complete the game 100%


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