Giant Boulder of Death


Take a ride through the valley of sweeping away everything in its path in the game Giant Boulder of Death.

Lived a stone somewhere in the Alps, who loved another with seeing exactly the same stone, who will decide them than he had the hots for him, but he liked the people who lived in a village nearby. They parted lovers and one of the stones rolled his village in order to turn it into a monument to the local general. Of course endure such blasphemies left in the mountains of stone could not and decided to unleash their fury on the bad fellows having descended directly from the cortex to the valley, where there was a village.
Within the meaning of his game is a runner, but perhaps such devastating runners among the games on android we have not seen before. The more you destroy the way - the better, and will not destroy the hard considering that your stone surpasses the size of some of the houses. On the way you will encounter a small forest, people, cows, houses and sheds - all perfectly turns into dust under the weight of the stone you manage. But the very general, for the erection of the statue whose left the other half of your character, decided to stop your triumphant march, instructed in the way of obstacles with barbed and told to roll through the valley of bombs that can spread your lump on small stones. In addition there will be natural obstacles, namely the numerous gorges, where you can fail. Most of the problems encountered on the way you can just jump over, of course it's not the usual knack for rock, but for a loved one, why not do it. In a way we should not forget about physics, all the irregularities of the relief will affect the trajectory of your movement.
No unseen beauty of the game you will not find, on the contrary, all models are deliberately simplified and look like people from the set designer Lego. Landscapes at the same beauty are not encouraging, but at the expense of what all made in the same style picture looks harmonious. Accompanied your descent will be a crushing Tyrolean tunes is quite unusual, so finder's game will receive a plus.
Giant Boulder of Death will appeal to all lovers of shatter and destroy all in its path.

- 70 new destructible objects
- 60 sentimental purposes
- Improve and enhance
- Facebook and Game Center achievements
- Different methods of control methods: using the slopes of touches or joystick


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