Robot Unicorn Attack 2


Robot Unicorn Attack 2 - great runner for android, in which there is great graphics and addictive gameplay for a long time.
The toy is quite ingenuous but at the same time fun and really exciting. Under your strict guidance to management with multi-colored unicorn tail. Look forward to an incredible array of various enemies and obstacles that you will always occur at the most inopportune moments. Management racer is very simple and does not require lengthy explanations - involving only two buttons, which are located opposite each second.
If you're a fan of the first game and want to play in the sequel, but now you have the chance.

- Choose between a team of the rainbow and the underworld and compete for prizes every day;
- Racing in two worlds - Rainbow in the Underworld;
- Personalize your unicorn, create and customize your own unicorn, picking up various body parts (wings, horns, mane, tail, legs, and more);
- Unlock over 12 different abilities, including the Rainbow and the Great Savior Gallop;
- Attain, both personal and social goals - every day;
- The battle of the giants and dangerous solar rays;
- A trip to space creatures - Space Whales, Leviathan, Ice Owls;
- Two of the world are constantly changing;
- Robot Unicorn Attack 2 supports both 7 and 10 inch plates;
- Excellent graphics and addictive gameplay
- And many, many things.


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