Wedding Dash


Wedding Dash (The Wedding Planner) - Quinn's best organizer of wedding parties. But today appointed so many weddings that she alone can not cope. Help Quinn to arrange the best festivals in the city, avoiding all obstacles and overcome all difficulties. Make sure that there are no missing a single detail, from tasty cakes to luxury bouquets. But once the couple will get married, have to carefully see to it that there was no interference with any of the parties. Will you succeed, so that the bride and groom happy and Quinn's business prospered?


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  • Posted by: олена (guest), 2014-03-31 18:41:37
    я не знаю як скідати будь ласка скадіть мені

  • Posted by: Киця (guest), 2015-08-14 14:27:15
    Нормальна гра 

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