Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2


Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2 - a continuation of the first game. In which already played a huge number of gamers worldwide. And brought to distraction than a dozen people.
Are you up to the madness as a gift and grasp the secrets of the abyss? If yes - Gateway Clinic «Mental Hospital» always open for you.
History of Eastern Bloc 2, begins with. As our hero, a close friend dies under mysterious circumstances. Who went to taking the camera, for sensation, in an abandoned mental hospital. The police are reluctant to investigate the matter. And do not even try to find the lost camera David. But she could, would shed light on what happened in dire clinic. And here, you decide what would be found in what was not this ill-fated camera. David death so do not go unpunished.
Incredibly powerful and creepy atmosphere. Will keep you on your toes, not letting relax for a minute. Only nerves of steel and quick response will help you get out of this hospital.
Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2 - allows you to record Let's play `and storing them in gaining popularity when Everyplay and popular social networks.


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    buena ete juego

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