100 Ballz


100 Ballz - simple and very addictive game on the reaction. The aim of the game is to open the gate and fill the glass with colored balls. For every ball that goes through the glass, you get a reward (the size depends on the color of the ball). If the ball flies past the cup, it just disappears. When the balls come to an end, the game ends. As you progress through levels 100 Ballz become complicated by increasing the speed of movement of the glass.
So, on the playing field, we will be in a large tank with 100 balls. If you click on the screen, then fold in the tank open, and it will fall out of a certain number of balls. This action is necessary in order to fill the passing under the tank empty glasses for the different colors. If you hit right on target, then the balls back into the tank. Those balls, who could not get into the glass will be lost forever.
So that's unpretentious game has gameplay. The game has no layering, you'll play as long until you lose all the balls from the tank. The complexity of the game is that in the initial stages trolley will move rather slowly, but gradually their speed will increase. As we see in the game no bonuses or any improvement will have to rely solely on your skill and care. As with all simple and uncomplicated games main goal is to set the maximum number of points.
Game can be called a great taymkiller in which to express the reaction rate and maximum accuracy.


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