Mandora - a unique opportunity for all mobile users to plunge into a magical world full of funny creatures and unimaginable wonders in the world in which disappeared boundary between animals and plants, science and magic.
The game is set in a fabulous settlement fantastic creatures engaged in the cultivation of different varieties of plants Mandor having magical properties. You will play a farmer who needs to promptly harvest Mandor. In order for the player to better understand the secrets of farm life in the application is waiting for him a special interactive tutorial, it keeps records of harvest, as well as display the current job that must be done.
In this funny game is already over 7 million fans around mire.Poprobuyte you!


- Simple futuristic gameplay;
- Many varieties of Mandor, which you have to collect;
- Personal records and statistics;
- Availability interactive tutorial with a nice interface and easy operation;
- Discover new surprises, playing at different times of day.


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