Zombie Puzzle Invasion


Zombie Puzzle Invasion - a puzzle game in which the added characters, which you have to defend the world from zombies. Genre of game three in a row with RPG elements with simple graphics and controls, where you have to upgrade your weapons, get special functions and improve their skills moving from level to level. Reach tactics, strategy, skill and attention to defeat the enemy.
The game world is in danger. Zombie captures dominance and sweeps away everything in its path. Decide on what side are you on. Or fight for good or evil support. In game three defenders. Manage, and they will be reliable defenders. People will be saved. Justice will prevail. Weapons must be constantly updated. Indeed, without new entrants battle will not be as bright and unusual. After all, the battle will be unique. In order to rise to the next level you need to learn a lot of skills.


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