Ninja Revenge


Ninja Revenge - a fascinating slashers, in which we will cut down enemies katana carry dizzying jumps and try to help the noble samurai Yukio avenge his beloved. The protagonist of the game seemed to be living a normal life: grow rice, raise children, and occasionally sipping warm sake with comrades. He has almost forgotten the days when any conflict was solved by means of a katana, but the trouble came to his house, the soldiers clan decided to take revenge for the killing of Yukio their spiritual leader, having cut his family. And now, with your help, the protagonist must be remembered for a long time almost forgotten ninja skills to find the offenders and make his "bloody" justice.

Ninja Revenge gameplay is pretty simple, we have to destroy the enemies are constantly on the move. Rivals are classified into several types: one, we simply can behead a simple flick of a katana, others will require skill and precision to kill, and some do should get a third way. The management of all gaming activities carried out by conventional Taps and swipe across the screen. But even with such convenient control of the player will need to limit the accuracy and lightning-fast response, as any slip-up or early strike your opponent does not miss, and then try to strike back.

- Hand-drawn graphics
- A large number of missions
- Bonuses, utilities and much more
- Leaderboard and Achievements
- Fast-paced and easy operation


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