Battle Bears Gold


Battle Bears Gold - is a fun shooter with cartoon graphics and evil plush toys. As the representatives of the battles plush, when they can not see the murder of the blood, which allows children to play it. Have you ever played with plush toys? They're all so cute, fluffy, but it's worth giving them a gun and it's somewhere disappears, this game is proof of that. After the Battle Bears Gold involuntarily begin to wonder what is hidden under the guise of your so cute teddy other.

Battle Bears Gold game created exclusively for online battles. No single mode it does not, except that a short training, which will tell you about the management and use primary weapon, you have to fight 4 on 4 teams in the online mode. So without an internet connection to play not udastsya.Dlya battles developed two game modes. The first - a deadly battle in which players are divided into two teams, and the team with the greater number of kills in the allotted time wins. The second mode is called "a bomb", in it players will have to carry bombs on enemy territory, and the winner is the one who will bring more bombs. Optionally, you can create private rooms to play with their friends.

In the battles of Battle Bears Gold in your choice of eight classes, each with a variety of weapons, the main available immediately, and some will be opened after the level. In addition, purchase special items, some will restore health to you, and others will jump high (and much more). Also, for each class offered at eight skins.

- High-quality graphics in a cartoon style
- Energetic music during battles
- Colorful levels
- A convenient, standard control
- 8 character classes
- Great combinations of weapons
- Three game modes
- HD graphics
- Free Online Game


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