Dead Effect


Dead Effect is a unique mixture of games like Doom and Dead Trigger, where the main objective is survival. In this case, to save his life will be in a space station, where an unknown virus has turned most of the workers into zombies. The plot seems rather trite, but thanks to the ultra-modern chart this action may well lay claim to being one of the best of its kind.
Start the mission immediately makes it clear that the Dead Effect is not a simple parody of the modern zombie shooters, in this case, the game even worthy to be called one of the best implementations of the familiar story. Great graphics, is truly remarkable, throughout the gameplay will keep you in suspense. High-quality detailing levels, atmospheric environment, a variety of animation effects, and much more will head to plunge into the storyline and feel as the sole survivor in this zombie-ship.
Waking up in an unknown compartment you with the help of only a shocker having a very modest radius of destruction, will go in search of the truth. All the horror and fear that the developers wanted to convey, you can feel from the very beginning, because killing zombies can be found only after letting them almost back to back. Further, as is usually the case, you will find a more practical weapon that between missions can be improved by increasing the stopping power, accuracy and other parameters. Pay for such improvements will be at the expense of credit cards that you will also find in the middle of levels.
Generally, in the Dead Effect awaits a huge number of secret places and caches, the main thing - time to find them. They may be inconspicuous door or, for example, locked cabinets that need to break through with their feet. It must be noted that the atmosphere is not to escalate the situation to such a search, the fear and excitement of some unknown force you to run forward at a breakneck pace, paying attention only to moving objects. Therefore spotted something hidden from prying eyes can be quite difficult.
Also, between missions you can buy additional weapons that clearly will increase your chances of survival, just to have enough ammo. The built-store you will find a whole arsenal from simple shotguns and a crossbow ending the fighting. As we said, all these guns for honestly earned money can be improved. Complemented by a variety of first-aid kits and ammunition amplifiers, which will be open as you progress through missions. In the extreme case there is always a chance to buy a couple of machines and with the help of real investment, but during our acquaintance with the game so there was no need.
In Dead Effect offers dozens of missions that will provide more than 5 hours of intense gameplay! The game is really a breeze, thanks for that great graphics, interesting story and a terrific soundtrack. All these factors together form the real atmosphere of the sci-fi action games, able to tighten the game with his head. The further able to climb, the more secrets you'll get. With a specific title story campaign you will get access to special melee attack techniques and even slowing down time, which significantly add "sparks" and without that dynamic gameplay.
Praise is possible and for the interface that allows you to navigate and move around in the 3D-space without any hitches. All the little flaws in Dead Effect compensates for graphics, which can be adjusted depending on the level of performance from your smartphone or tablet. Much more enjoyable is the fact that this applies atmospheric shooter absolutely free installation will require Android 2.3.3 or later. The volume of the installation files over 300 MB, so downloading is recommended to use Wi-Fi-connection.

- Excellent graphics
- A variety of monsters
- Lots of weapons
- A fascinating story

CASH for the game Dead Effect: extract from the archive folder in / sdcard / Android / obb /
- Need to get as / sdcard / Android / obb / com.bulkypix.deadeffect /
- The size of the decompressed cache 304Mb
- Or download via Wi-Fi-connection.


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