Hero Academy


Hero Academy - a strategy for android tells the story of the creation of the hero. It was created, because the characters are not born but true leaders assume their leadership qualities with time and experience! So, become the commander of his team - from the Alliance to the Dark Elves! Expand the battle on the fields of the Academy of Heroes and become a true leader and a hero! Demonstrate your strategic skills - the right to use existing resources, find the weak points of the enemy, defend your base, and bring the team long-awaited victory!
Only those who are able to wisely use their own strength and weakness of the team of the opposing team, will be able to protect their crystal and win the victory. The Academy opens its doors to everyone: beginners heroes and heroes with experience!

- Easy-to-learn game is turn-based.
- Learn easy - you just need to start playing!
- Play with friends or random opponents.
- Fun, bright colors and punchy sound.
- Shuffle the playing field will not be bored!
- Start with the free command: Alliance.
- Add new commands to your collection!
- Change and improve your team.
- Compete with friends from Facebook!
- Play with your readers of Twitter!
- Communicate with opponents during the game.
- The system will tell you when your turn.


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