Neon Climb Race


Neon Climb Race - ride between stars neon car. We are waiting for 5 unique cars, several worlds, lots of adventure and a good test for the ability to keep balance of the car.
Playing with neon graphics, great physics car and the ability to undertake improvements to enhance performance. So wear your seat belts and go!
For the principal purpose in Neon Climb Race, it is exactly the same in all games of this genre - to be able to keep balance of the car on steep hills and mountains, with having driven as far as possible.
Do not forget the developers and gold coins, which almost filled up the road. But despite this abundance of game money you have to save them not just one game, as the new location, or cars are quite expensive. But for those players who do not have time to wait for a system for Donato.
Driving is realized simply and conveniently - the gas pedal and brake. But you have to keep the "balance" as the slightest mistake and your vehicle rolls over "wheel up."

- Excellent gameplay.
- Different worlds.
- Assorted Neon cars.
- Good music.

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