Oh My Heroes!


Oh My Heroes! - Is an example of how on the basis of a simple 2D-arcade can be dynamic online slashers. In this game, instead of the usual for this genre of the Crusades offers amusing networking battles on frags, capture the flag, hold territory, and so on. Choose a warrior soul, change its appearance, Suck skills and forth to the barricades!
Once upon a time in the distant realm of calm peaceful life was broken by falling from the sky magical crystals that gave soldiers the opportunity to revive after death. This simple story and was the basis for the game Oh My Heroes!, Which takes you into the thick of the battle between the immortal magicians, sorcerers, archers, knights and simple. Instead of a banal series of missions, the first run of the game on the example of a mini-quest will introduce you to the basics of management - then awaits an endless succession zavarushek with thousands of players from around the world!
Your chosen character will be the basis for all future career, so should think thoroughly, from this decision depends not only on the appearance and type of attack, but also access to special magical skills. You can choose a mage, a priest, a dwarf, an archer and knight. All of these characters you can buy for the money earned in the game, but there is such a "deck" and a couple of jokers in the form of affordable only for real investments characters, these include the Ninja and Hercules.
By choosing one of the characters you need to work out the best tactics of attack and defense, so as not to "lie down" in the first few seconds of the game. Card battles are pretty small, so long to find opponents do not have to - the first spawn will throw you into the thick, manage to just jump back. Themselves for the battle can be divided into four categories: retention of the territory, capture the flag, team and solo detmatch (every man for himself.) All zavarushka, regardless of type, automatically connect to online various players of any class.
The performance of each fight will allow you to unlock new characters or existing pump. In terms of improvements will be available to you two unique skill for each man, in one case, it may be some "zamorazhivalka" in another - mine, in the third - treatment and so on. Besides all this, there is a system of appearance transformation of the main characters with the pumped equipment. "Rags" are all the same, including: different halos, wings, crowns, capes and so on. Externally, these acquisitions will only be a translucent aura, which would be sufficient to demonstrate your superiority.
Soon developers Oh My Heroes! promised to add to the game even more characters, more magic spells and even complete single player game that allows players to practice their skills outside of online battles. However, taking into account the dynamics and fun multiplayer, arcade, and this without any story missions will allow you to break away to glory. The main thing - at the very beginning not to get lost in the crowd, because it will play a significant role tactics and ability to not get involved in the most "meat."
Picture in Oh My Heroes! will not surprise you quality three-dimensional detail, but in general, concise cartoon panache leaves a pleasant impression. "Dive" into this 2D-world and get involved with a fight with wizards, knights and other residents of the Middle Ages can be anyone, the game is distributed free of charge, to install the required Android 2.2 or later.

- Multiplayer, Online
- Fast paced game
- Various characters with unique skills
- The different competitive strategies among teams
- Simple and easy to learn, hard to master


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