Krrish 3: The Game


Krrish 3: The Game is based on the regular part of the heroic action film Krrish. The game is not an adaptation of the entire storyline, but the main characters, as well as their super-abilities, moved quite well on mobile devices.
Krrish 3 tells the story of epic confrontation between good and evil, in which a group of brave heroes acrobats, equipped with the most modern gadgets and weapons, and once again to save humanity. In fact it's just a runner, but the developers have made it a good deal of diversity with the help of spectacular stunts and super techniques. If we draw any analogy with already existing projects, then Krrish 3: The Game can be compared with Mirror's Edge (Windows Phone and iOS) or Vector.
The special flavor in Krrish 3: The Game characters make, the chief of which is the Indian edakogo Neo (welcome to the Matrix). More similarities to the world-famous trilogy Wachowski brothers have traced as it passes various missions that have to make unrealistic jumps, run on the walls and cut down the crowd commandos. Here you can also mention the possibility of choice and a female character who, by the way, prefers tight-fitting clothing made of leather.
Also, developers are given the opportunity to select the negative characters: one of them is available only in the version of the game for Windows-based devices, but the other, which is worn with the tongue hanging half a meter, it can be purchased. All of these characters in their abilities does not differ too much, so the choice is more likely to be based only on their physical appearance.
In addition to simply running and jumping every character uses melee swings and various ranged weapons, with which it will be possible not only to neutralize the special forces, but other players in online races. Yes, in that runners can run together - a network mode will take you and your opponent (the other player) at the same distance that need to be overcome as quickly as possible. If the single-player mode, each gathering with the route (drop down) takes you one checkpoint, it is possible to fall in multiplayer infinite amount of time is lost during this time only.
Control of the game is quite responsive, but the use of certain swipe (for jumps and tackles) largely depends on the graphics - available 3D-image is not always possible to detect the presence of any ledges or cliffs. In this case, the overall impression clearance locations and characters themselves can be called quite decent, despite the almost total absence of shadows and a modest level of detail.
There is a network game mode, and the system can be characterized spectacular stunts Krrish 3: The Game as a worthy runner who can please the fans associated with parkour games. To install the required Android 2.3 or later.


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