Tank Battles (Battle Tanks)


Tank Battles (Battle Tanks) - Studio developer Gameloft has decided to keep up with the increasingly popular subjects tank and released his own version of crawler battles - "Battle tanks". The game can not be called a mobile analogue of the entire PC-hit, but even without such a fun project that can attract to your "front-line" thousands of users.
Tank Battles - a pretty good 3D-arcade game in which the developers have paid attention to the single player campaign and multiplayer online game. For each mode, you can not only acquire any auxiliary weapons, but also to pump your tank with new guns, shells, caterpillars and camouflage. All of these improvements will allow you to win any battle and raise your ranking in the world.
In many ways this game reminds a lot of similar arcades in which the lead character had some crazy, shot and all. There will have to manage the whole tank, however, from that little will change. Given the fact that a realistic physics there is silence, waiting for something besides fun of the game is not worth it. The gameplay is entirely entertaining character: funny characters, funny dialogue and too frisky tanks, shells which ricochet off the walls like a ball in a pinball.
Single missions are not small maps where you need to perform one major and several minor problems. The objectives of the most banal: from simple destroying enemy tanks and ending with the destruction of certain objects. Sometimes overlap timing, so in some cases require maximum efficiency. Cards for online battles are of a similar shape - they may also be present barricades, buildings, water hazards and even ice, which will help to cope with a special track.
Built-in store will allow the tank to pump with the latest technology, some guns only about 15 species, including: napalm, "samonavodka" grenade launcher, Taser dvuhstvolka and so on. All this can be screwed onto any tank, regardless of other improvements. In terms of protection available for the purchase of special types of armor that will resist certain types of shells listed above. Top shells insulate you from electricity, bombs or fire. And the third type of "tuning" - tracks, they mainly differ only in speed and terrain, but there are special models that will regenerate health, or double the stopping power.
Among other items in the store can distinguish mine (can blow up or immobilize the enemy), bombs (aviabombardirovka, napalm, mortar, etc.) and turrets (static combat unit that will defend a given area). Armed with all these "pleasures" - and you can fight! You can try out the new acquisition as a solo missions and a global dust-against a pair of three other players. All of these aids may allow you to finish the battle leader in frags, and thus your ranking is constantly increasing.
The management plan provides two options that differ only by the type of fire: by pressing a particular purpose, or at the expense of additional virtual joystick. By default, choose the first option, but if you want the settings you can activate the other. As for the images, animation, and interface as a whole, there Gameloft already in his manner did not reinvent the wheel - visualization will remind you a lot of other projects of the studio.
The game though is free, but to achieve great heights without investment there is unlikely. In this regard, a system of awarding pleased weekly awards, which implies a premium in the form of virtual currency for the most active players. Kill all the tanks for more than a week - a task too difficult, but still doable. In the rest of the game deserves attention, but not so much among the fans of tanks, how many of the fans of simple online battles. To install the required Android 2.3 or later.

- Tanchico Ride: Collect your tank from more than 90,000 combinations of guns, shells, caterpillars and camouflage.
- Lean ALL with 22 supplementary items - from mines to automatic turrets, causing tremendous damage to the enemy!
- To fight together! Team up with friends or argue with them for a place in the overall rankings and weekly!
- Mindless fun! 80 + levels of single and 10 multiplayer maps will give you a lot of fun - destructible environments, move obstacles, ride on a conveyor belt, and that's not all!


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