Sunny Hillride


Sunny Hillride - it is crazy and full of adventure family travel. In gathering the whole family, including a parrot! You have to race with jumps through the hilly and colorful landscapes, which include forests, snow-covered valleys, deserts and grasslands. Make sure that you do not run out of petrol, and not lose luggage while performing tricks - the roof of your van is loaded to the full! Suitcases, bags, cage with a parrot and your companions have to get to the resort in full, otherwise you do not reach all points.

Look forward to a lot of different awards that can be collected on the way to your destination. Try not to miss here and there scattered coins and souvenirs. Sunny Hillride - it is a fascinating journey for the whole family. It's fun, adventure and speed!

- Gameplay one touch. The principle is easy to understand, difficult to master it
- A variety of colorful landscapes - green meadows, snow-covered hills, forest and sun scorching heat of the desert
- A variety of game modes
- Incendiary pridzhazovanny soundtrack
- A lot of secret gift
- Crazy jumps allow you to perform stunning stunts


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