Yeti on Furry


Yeti on Furry - in this hilarious game with 3D graphics, you will manage a sweet and fluffy yeti angry at insane climbers.
Sustain attack uninvited guests - from the silly to the most persistent, crook seeking to climb to the top of the mountain using the tunnels, rope walkways and even teleportation!
In this simple yet highly addictive game you need all of the incredible opportunities to protect native shelter from uninvited aliens! Whistle, rattle or fatal blow Yeti: in war all means are good!
Ready to repel intruders?

- Volume cartoon graphics;
- 100 missions with increasing levels of complexity;
- Use in combat four types of elements with 6 power levels: snow, fire, electricity and menacing update;
- Three incredible opportunity: the deafening whistle, rattle and horrific fatal blow that can draw the enemy to flight at the crucial moment;
- 4 types of bonuses, increase strength and improve the daily prize for courage yeti;
- Unlock 12 achievements and show your friends who commands in the Himalayas!


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