Soldier vs Aliens


Soldier vs Aliens - You are the last survivor. Lone soldier against the fierce alien swarm. Hold their positions, beating one after another onslaught of invaders, and clear the area of ​​aliens.
Turn off your brain and hold the weapons: rifle, shotgun, railgun, laser, grenades, flame thrower ... You have only one obligation: to kill everything!
Looks like you expect a massacre and that is exactly what you need ...

A simple concept: protect its position and kill all the aliens!
Magnificent game design with two-dimensional backgrounds and characters and aliens, spotlessly traced manually.
50 game levels with different goals: to clean the area to rescue the scientists, to hold the position, kill all the queens ...
Explore a variety of levels: laboratory, orbital stations, subways, caves ...
Change and improve all elements of your reservation
A wide range of weapons (shotgun, railgun, laser, flamethrower ...)
Survival mode with endless onslaught of alien
See how your face changes when receiving wounds ...


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