PAC-CHOMP! namco


PAC-CHOMP!Namco - game type "three in a row" with the addition of a voracious pack-Maine. Move it to where the ghosts of the same color are arranged in a row and he quickly relieve you of their presence. When it starts to slurp from the field immediately disappear many ghosts, so that more force Bun eat.
This puzzle game is quite simple and unpretentious! Moving PAC-MAN - is the key to getting a high score. Use the "Rotate" to PAC-MAN ate a number of elements. Eat as much as possible to get rid of those pesky ghosts. At higher levels, you will have more "guests."
The game includes three modes: NORMAL, HARD CORE, SCRAMBLE. In normal mode, dispose annoying ghosts to fit in time and clear each level. In hard mode CORE proceed faster than normal, resulting in a futuristic You will race against time. In the feverish hurry SCRAMBLE increase your bill as soon as possible and in time!


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