Nightmare: Malaria


Nightmare: Malaria - a game from the developers of Psyop Google Play Developer, which in collaboration with the Foundation for the fight against malaria, decided to address the subject of the fight against this terrible disease, which by the most conservative estimates, every year take the life of more than 500 thousand people. Malaria is caused exclusively by mosquito bites, the struggle with which we are to do for the gameplay of this wonderful Android platformer.
The game did not get confusing storyline and clever special effects. All that we will see during the game, so it's a little girl that runs complex tests inside the human circulatory system.
Being infected with malaria, our protagonist decided to join the fight against this disease, which represents a huge mosquito. We will pass dozens of challenging levels and 2 unique game world (the circulatory system and brain), solve puzzles, find hidden toys and of course to avoid contact with mosquitoes killer.
Of the main advantages Nightmare: Malaria can be noted very original graphic design and physics of the game world. For example, for some of the levels we have to balance and keep balance while standing on the blood cells that float on the blood vessels, or simply interact with some objects.

Pay attention! On request In Nightmare: Malaria, you can donate to the Fund for the game a few dollars, which will be transferred after the organization «Against Malaria Foundation» to help sick children.
Doing this of course does not necessarily and exclusively at your request. All good games.

- 18 levels in two worlds
- Collect teddy bears to go to the next level
- Avoid the killer mosquitoes by using mosquito nets
- Unusual graphics


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