Spot Goes Down HD


Spot Goes Down HD Free - Ink Spot Spot wants to go home. Fate threw it on top of exercise book, and now he has a long way down after the first jump into the abyss of hazardous ink. The lower gets - the more points you will earn the player. Process is accompanied by a very sweet and endlessly atmospheric music.
Spot this platformer - Tilt your phone left and right to spot moved. When he crosses the border of the screen it immediately appears on the other side of it. The road home is full of deadly dangers Spot - ink on a sheet flowed into platforms with spikes and sharp rotating blade. Contact with them is equivalent to Spot death, but you can land on the safe platform to reduce the rate of fall. Help him pass all the difficulties by adopting the most difficult challenge in your life and set a new record in the ultimate taymkiller!


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