Myth Defense 2: DF


Myth Defense 2: DF - continuation of the first part of the saga of Myth Defense Smartpix Games, in which the player had to keep bastions against the invading enemy. Interesting arcade strategy in the genre of "Tower Defense".
Light forces repulsed the Dark Forces and went on the offensive. Now you have to fight for the dark side and restore the balance between Light and Darkness! Build towers and traps using technology Orcs, Goblins and Necromancers. Be tactical skills, combining the effects of various towers and using terrain. Protect the stronghold of the Dark Forces from the onslaught of belligerent armies of Light!
This is a free version you can unlock to the full version directly from the game menu (besides paying any additional payments will be required to play in the full version). Also from the menu Battles You can buy add-ons alternative campaigns (currently available 1 addition).

The full version of Myth Defense: Dark Forces
• The set of cards in battle mode
• Look forward to the company of a variety of missions and a few passing mode: Normal and Heroic
• Achievements, increase the amount of fame Battles
• Bleeding different skills
• Lots of towers and traps in several technological branches (Orcs, Necromancers, Goblins)
• Special characteristics of units and towers
• Strengthening towers runes and Alchemy to create runes
• Features landscape: rugged land, moving platforms and m n
• A huge number of levels of difficulty. The higher the complexity, the greater the reward
• Multilingual interface
• Original panoramic sound and music
• Option to purchase additional maps and campaigns with new enemies and towers.

We hope Light Forces commanders, who loved the first part of Myth Defense, will be pleasantly surprised by the innovations in this part:
• Enemies are now divided into classes: Live, Machine and Magic. Some towers are only one class.
• Moving the platform on the battlefield on which to build a tower. Platform with a tower will move as close as possible to the enemy and attack him
• Some units (Dwarf Paladin and) wear armor. Armor absorbs 80% of poor physical damage. Modifications threshold specified in the description of the unit, which can now be seen by simply clicking on it in the field. If physical damage towers more than the threshold of the armor, the armor breaks and the enemy gets full damage. Armor has no effect on other types of damage (fire, magic, etc)
• Several fundamentally new towers:
- Tower of Fear: the enemy throws in horror, causing him some time to run away from the tower. One enemy can be scared only once (but some enemies are fearless).
- Tower of Damnation shoots from the base damage as a normal tower, but it can be recharged coins which enhance capacity. If the health of the enemy does not exceed the base damage, the tower will kill him without spending coins charged. If the enemy is strong, then try to kill him, having spent so much additional charge as needed, but no more.
- Reactive Mace: produces a large spiked ball horizontally or vertically. Striking the enemy units hit the ball and loses some of lethal force. Ball continues to fly as not to waste all the energy.
- Radioactive tower (uranium and plutonium) do not make shots, but continuously irradiated with all enemies within range. Golems, as well as units infected disease (Plague Tower), are particularly vulnerable to radiation

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