Bouncy Ball 2.5D


Bouncy Ball 2.5D - is a continuation of the popular time-killer from Bouncy Ball RAON GAMES. This game was born out of a unique combination of 2D and 3D. Enjoy free now!
The game's plot is simple - We manage the yellow ball, which must go through challenging levels. We have a few lives, and we need to dodge obstacles that can destroy our ball. Will make it hard enough, because the levels get harder and harder.

How to play:
Move the blocks yellow ball and collect all stars.
Convenient control
Includes puzzles and action mixed with 2D-and 3D-level.
Solving puzzles by rotating map.

• 100% free game.
• exquisite harmony of 3D games and 2D games.
• Easy to understand, great time-killer and an arcade puzzler.
• Gorgeous graphics, a sense of the classic game
• Continuous update levels.


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