Knight Storm


Knight Storm - great arcade game in which you can participate in knightly 3D battles. The game will give you an easy to manage 3D-duels and tournaments, realistic physics, powerful weapons and armor, beautiful, dangerous job in the battles in real time, a mini-game for treasure hunting and evading dangerous traps and much drugoe.Idite to victory in the era of courage and honor - to win in duels, destroy monsters, complete quests and become a legend. And also, better locks, Hammer durable armor get powerful relics to seize the kingdom! IPoluchilas pretty interesting and original game, as well as the realistic physics of warfare.

* Easy to manage 3D-duels and tournaments.
* Support for retina displays with full resolution.
* Realistic physics.
* Powerful weapons and armor beautiful.
* Dangerous job with battles in real time.
* Mini-games to find the treasure and evading dangerous traps.
* Exciting adventures and duels.
* Fight against corrupt officials.
* Trade with the cunning fairies.
* Barbarous dialects.

CASH: sdcard / Android / obb


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