Shooting club 2: Sniper


Shooting club 2: Sniper - we invite you to feel like a real sniper. Target, weapon, shot ... already feel the adrenaline? It makes no sense to argue that everyone, at least once in a lifetime dream to be in place a professional shooter with this sniper rifle. It is here that you get this unique opportunity.
This simulator sniper shooting as close to reality. It is important not only the accuracy of the shot, but also the special characteristics of each of the rifles, the distance to the target, wind direction and even heartbeat.

Player's choice offered the most popular patterns of sniper weapons in many countries. For example:

- Trehlineyka - legendary sniper rifle WWII
- Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD)
- M4 - M16 machine modernization of the famous
- Barrett - large-caliber sniper rifle
- BCC 'Vintorez'
- SCAR - combat assault rifle for special operations forces
- Intervention - another large-caliber sniper rifle
- AWP - British sniper rifle


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