God of Light


God of Light - an addictive puzzle game based on physics, where you have to control the light. The fact that the fabulous world of darkness comes. And you have to merge with cute SHINee in one team, and return light. You need to look at the level of reflective objects and combine into a single light chain. Thus step by step, you'll shed light into the world, yet not destroy all the darkness.

Sit back and immerse yourself in the world of God of Light - This game will change your idea of ​​the physical puzzle genre! Explore the unique world, enjoy stunning graphics and original electronic music group from UNKLE.

Help handsome SHINee save the universe from impending darkness. Offering exciting game worlds and dozens of levels with gorgeous puzzles. Explore the game levels, look for reflective objects, dissipate, combine, painted, and teleport bend rays of light to activate the source of life and light of the universe return.

Complete an entire chapter to "Sky Tree" and free open dozens of new levels in the chapters "Stone Tree" and "Azure tree" for collected in the first chapter of the Fireflies, or purchase access to all levels through the in-game delivery.

Such an amazing game you've ever seen! What are you waiting for? Get ready for an amazing adventure! Become a God of Light!

Owners of Nexus devices and Motorola Moto X enabled ART: game on your device will not work at the moment. We persistently seek ways to solve problems.

• Multiple game worlds and hundreds of levels.
• Use mirrors, prisms, lenses, black holes and filters to control the energy of light.
• Receive achieve and share their successes with friends. Can you get all the achievements in the game?
• Collect "fireflies" that will help you solve the puzzles!
• Load regular updates, which you will see new worlds and levels of the game.


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