Kitty Jump


Kitty Jump - simple and nice graphics on platformer where cute cat jumping on the platforms, using a rocket, balloon, trampoline, collecting sausages, avoiding obstacles and monsters. Require from you to help the kitten to climb above the score the most points. At the end of the game you can watch the ranking of all the players and determine their place.

Background of the game: the protagonist cat, a big fan of sausages, decides to go on a journey to find the world's largest sausage, which he dreamed of one day.
cat jumping up on platforms using different bonuses on the road, avoid the monsters, collect small sausages and gaining points. Different platforms when landing on them cat behave differently: a wooden platform is stable, ice melts from the second hop, rock and immediately crumbles.
Prevent cat jump flying bee, spider, crawling menacingly on a static platform and cactus. Bypass monsters can use protection, which lies on the platforms in the form of a shield, as well as by the obstacles jump from the top - in this case, the additional points are awarded.
Various kinds of boosters help the cat climb up: using the trampoline jump is doubled, the missile can quickly fly very long distances, and the balloon helps to overcome the distance twice smaller than a rocket.
The main objective of the game is obvious - it is necessary to climb above all to a large sausage and score the most points. At the end of the game you can watch the ranking of players during the day, week or month.

Separately want to note is the kitten Kitty animation in the game, when you jump on a trampoline while eating sausages, a fall in different funny kitten and emotions rather it may even remind cartoon than just igrushku.Igra children loved their graphics and ease of operation, and carries a toy helps pass the time, and thanks to the colorful design is not boring.

- Charming hero;
- Platform of different materials;
- The higher, the more difficult;
- Three types of dangerous monsters: bees, spiders and cacti;
- Accessories for jumping (gain).


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