Ready to conquer space? Include «StarCloud» and set the control over all the planets of the enemy!

Here is an incredibly addictive strategy game for mobile devices on the Android Market, which does not let you get bored!
Your task - to prove that you are able to defeat the enemy in an unequal battle, having conquered all his planet and destroying his ships.

It offers incredible space worlds with beautiful and high-quality graphics, and fleets of spaceships, aliens, ready to destroy you!

Expand its fleet, master your ships use gateways to teleport ships avoid the combined fleets of the enemy and attack at the most unsuitable moment for him! Tactics of the game - you choose!

Rules of the game:
1. Conquer planets and expand its fleet - gradually moving their ships from planet to planet.
2. Attack the enemy of the planet - moving their ships on the planet of the enemy, with one or several planets simultaneously.
3. Use gateways for high-speed movement - to suddenly overtake the enemy.
4. Improve your ships - using the received bonuses won the round!

Management Features:
1. The game has a clue.
2. In the game settings, you can enable sound and vibration to better experience the atmosphere of the game.
3. You can disable the automatic movement of ships from some of your planets.

Additionally, in the paid version:
1. Infinite number of its own star maps for conquest.
2. Chance to play with a random opponent and the - test your abilities!

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