Gesundheit! - The cult puzzle adventure with hand-drawn graphics, in which the protagonist, we will travel the colorful world, and help us survive only your cunning and artifice. The protagonist tries to survive in difficult situations, and prevent it from doing so many monsters, from which you want to hide, flee, distracting and certainly fed green delicacy and nose.
Time magazine recognized the game Gesundheit! best game of the year and made a list of the top 25 games for mobile devices, it could be said that this is not enough for the verdict, but this game is the winner of IGN that only approved its ratings, and more than four million users from around the world who gave it its final preference and irrevocably justify the foundation of success.
The success of the game is its originality. On the one hand we are faced with a simple hand-drawn graphics, on the other hand, these figures are wonderfully animated, made by hand and if you look, you are drawn here strange things ... in general looks very interesting! Implemented and is declared as a puzzle game, but the gameplay here is a fascinating and addictive, thorough addictive! A world in which the unfolding of the game is very fun, bright and colorful, the main characters look very cute, and vice versa Monsta - foolishly, in the same round here forever is something strange, someone that chaos may not like, but those who will find in it something different and something creative, they will become fans forever!
In the game you play for the green pig, who fell ill and constantly sneezes, spreading snot. But these green sopelki love monsters that are trying to eat the main character, so using this weakness of the opponents, you can entice and distract them. Meaning of the game is as follows: at every level need to collect 3 stars and lure all the monsters in the trap located on the playing field. To pass the level you will use skill pig spit Spole buttons to open doors and barriers, teleporters, etc. The game has many missions that are located in several worlds. Each new world there will be new monsters with original skills: someone runs fast, someone knows how to fly.
Graphics in the game and cartoon as if drawn with markers. This gives the game a special atmosphere and originality of comedy, confuse this toy with other games will be very difficult. Control of the game is simple: it is necessary to control the main character bursts on the playing field - to press, there he runs; to spit snot is pulled to the side of the protagonist. By the way, how to play comfortably on phones with small screens, and the plates because zoom in and out the playing field can be a simple movement - "pinch".

- In the game consists of multiple levels and multiple worlds
- The game won a lot of awards for graphics and animation
- There is a very simple and intuitive
- In the game a huge amount of support bonuses
- Many unique achievements that appear in the world statistics
- You will be very interesting music that literally eats into their heads, forcing her to sing again and again .. and again ...


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    Неплохая. Мне еще нравится Dead Clicker, крутая

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