The Sleeping Prince

The main character, that is, Prince risky as all soundly asleep, and we will not play him and his rag body. One touch to submit a noble lady in flight, knocking boxes and thick door knocking. Especially nice and impressive output is obtained through a stained glass window.
Players will thus not a standard way to visit many wonderful places to overcome a lot of obstacles, traps, fight enemies and even start a decisive battle with Sydney. Unfortunately, none of this, he will remember only the pain of abrasions and bruises will be proof of his adventures.
Along the way, collect gems and stars, according to the results you will be given medals of various denominations, they will be useful in the future to open new locations.
It is worth noting that the game has very nice graphics and well-established locations. Only very sensitive ragdoll physics may be slightly spoil the feel of the gameplay, or vice versa cheer when Prince once again gracefully fly to a meeting with a stone wall.

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