Werewolf Tycoon

The life story of the protagonist is not known, but the fact remains - he is a werewolf. Life is such a creature in modern times very heavy burden for many reasons, despite the superhuman speed, endurance and enormous strength you are very easy prey.
Selecting a faceless, overgrown park as their hunting grounds, be prepared to act quickly and ruthlessly. After all, any left alive witness can be a real threat to your life. Rumors of murders and missing people quickly generate an avalanche effect - to visit you in droves tumble tourists, journalists and onlookers for real evidence of the existence of the night monster.
Stories semi-insane eyewitnesses, no one seriously accept, but the photo or video from your participation to make local forces to arrange a full-scale raid with a very natural result for you. So be careful and consume food without people prying eyes.
For the life of a werewolf can get used to, and even to live a long time, if you follow strict rules of conduct. But there is one problem - where to find a competent veterinarian without prejudice?

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