Frontier Heroes

The entire game is divided into five eras, from the foundation to the present - pre-Columbian times, colonization, revolution, the development of the Wild West and the present day. In each of them there are various interactive mini-game talks about the most important dates, events or features of life at that time - the arrival of the Mayflower ship, the Boston Tea Party and other milestones.
Archers, and cook dinner, make fire fighting or playing the drums - each game is unique and not repeatable. A beautiful graphics and amusing visual style will allow fully enjoy what is happening.
Perform all tasks for more interesting facts or look for them on location. I bet a lot of them you did not know.
The transition to a new level will be accompanied by a short lecture in the spirit of the school report, unfortunately, only in English.
Frontier Heroes - kind and very exciting game that will appeal even to those who are not interested in history.

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