Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter - plot supplement cult shooter, in which the developers have decided to turn their attention to popular genre zombiapokalipsisa. Deadly virus spreads over the earth, turning people into the walking dead, covering an area of ​​the territory.
You have to play the role of a brave hero on whose shoulders lay down important mission. Need to get into an evacuation center, literally packed with zombies and find out the cause of the spread of the virus and, if necessary, and then destroy all the undead. To accomplish the mission you will have everything you need - a huge arsenal of firearms, and a wide range of special aids and of course your experience.
Zombie Shooter - it's the same all the favorite shooter with a sea of blood, crowds of monsters, dozens of weapons, but few in the new version, which undoubtedly will please fans of the game, and those who are still not familiar with it will allow to touch the classics.

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