Ace cheap thief 2

Ace cheap thief 2 - arcade simulator thief. Which has a certain position in life, he robs only the extremely wealthy criminals. One night - one thing.
Clean out your own house, for training, for the presence of forgotten zanachek, you go to the supermarket special created just for people like you. Latchkey, shockers, smoke grenades, Polaroid to dazzle and Energy for the tone - all this in a short time you need.
After each object is a veritable fortress. Lasers, code and padlocks, alarms and cameras (passing off and presented in the form of mini-games), as well as guards and dogs.
Sneak, hide in the shadows or hit the opponent with a truncheon on the head - it's your choice.
And after working the night you can relax in a chair in front of the TV and watch the news on the outcome of their work.

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