Paper Monsters 3d platformer


Paper Monsters 3d platformer - a great platformer from developer Aralon, it is a fascinating 2D arcade game in 3D, which will not leave you indifferent and pleasant take your time!
In this game you have to participate in a 3D adventure cardboard man! The world is full of dangers, obstacles and villains! You expect a few worlds with lots of levels, secret areas and hiding places, as well as the colorful characters and unique music.
Enter the world of Paper Monsters 3d platformer and watch a living world made of paper, cardboard and pairs of cotton balls is revealed before your eyes.

- The classic 2D platformer in stunning 3D environments
- Original and delightful characters
- Luxury soundtrack - is recommended to play with headphones!
- Have fun not only on land but also underwater and even in the air!
- 2 the control circuit
- Many large levels in several worlds
- Lots of secret areas
- The game is suitable for all age groups


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  • Posted by: Muy bueno (guest), 2015-06-18 00:56:48
    Se ve muy bonito artisticamente. 

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