Three Heroes. Knight's move

In the story of the cartoon court horse Gaius Julius Caesar by chance know about preparing boyars coup and seized power in Kiev. The timing is good - the heroes on behalf of the Prince caught the next villain, Dragon on vacation, and has served in the army doctrine. Our unique artiodactyls with inherent only to him eagerly rushes to unravel the tangle of intrigue. Action will be epic :)
The game will allow us to participate along with the characters in person in all these events, but it is still in development and we are still available to only one episode (and that part - Donat, Donat :() where we Alyosha Popovich, Nikitich and Ilya Muromets we will fight with the pirates.
Final conclusions should be done after the full version, but now Three Heroes.Knight's move creates a sense of immersion in the events of the cartoon, as the firm has panache and recognizable "popular" soundtracks.

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